Objective: 10,000 ventilators in 50 days - Fight against COVID-19

the Satys Electric Plant in Orgelet (Jura, France)

The Satys Electric team is working alongside Air Liquide Medical, one of its customers, in the solidarity supply chain to produce more ventilators quickly in the fight against #COVID19:Objective: 10,000 ventilators in 50 days.

Satys Electric will produce in only 50 days the electrical harnesses it normally manufactures for this customer in 10 years. 

One of the key points and a strength of the company was buying the electrical components in the short term in Europe but also in Asia. Some of the electrical harnesses will be manufactured in Orgelet( Jura, France) , the others in Asia.

CIEE. New extension of its factory in Bangkok

CIEE inaugurates the extension of its factory in Bangkok.

A little more than three years ago, we started the expansion our Bangkok site (in 2013 we moved in). This was an important step in our ongoing continuous development of CIEE.

We can sum up our objectives for this project as the following:

  • Setting up a workshop dedicated to railway and aeronautical products with an annual turnover of €8 to 10 million.
  • Aiming to produce more complex products, with a dedicated technical team.
  • Increasing site capacity (m²) to handle growth from 2018 to 2020+.
  • Allowing for an increase in the maximum current turnover of €28 million to €34 million thanks to the recently installed capacities.
  • Maintaining a reserve capacity to capture new markets.

This €800K investment allows us to have a new air-conditioned production surface of 1400sqm. The technical added value will be an integral part of the teams’ work.

The architects plans are finished, the first stone was laid on March 10th. We will move in next November.

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