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The French Industrial Group Satys buys Kelox a leader in galley systems for railway

On May 24th 2018 Satys bought the Spanish company Kelox which was founded in 1959 with locations in Madrid and Pennsylvania (USA).

Kelox is specialized in rail equipment through the design and supply of galley systems and the provision of related services to builders of rolling stock and railway operators worldwide. Main core business activities are refrigerated systems, stainless steel equipment and interior developments by carrying out turn-key projects.

In Madrid, Kelox has a design and engineering office, a 2000 m2 factory and a test laboratory with Iris and EN 15085 certifications.

Among its main customers are Alstom (the company recently chosen by Alstom for the Amtrak project, high speed trains in North America), Hitachi, Siemens, Talgo.

Kelox will strengthen and complete the Satys Interiors Railway division (formerly SMTC).

Luis Azorín, Managing Director of Kelox “Kelox is very happy to integrate a group as ambitious as Satys which will allow the company to continue to develop in the rail market. This integration couldn’t have been possible without the satisfaction and support of our customers as well as the expertise and know-how of our teams. ”

Christophe Jenny, Managing Director of Satys Interiors Railway “We are pleased to integrate Kelox into our group. This acquisition will allow Satys to offer a wider range of products and relevant skills.”

Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018

At the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018 (AIX) in Hamburg we presented our new identity and our now booth.

Our Business Unit, Satys Interiors, was able to show some tailor-made solutions to VIP and Airlines.

New brand identity presentation

The French industrial group Finaero becomes Satys and prepares for controlled growth.

The French industrial group Finaero adopts the name Satys to link its activities, divided into four business units:

  • Satys Sealing & Painting (formely STTS): aircraft painting & sealing, aerostructures & railway equipment.
  • Satys Interiors (formely AIP, AIT and SMTC): design and production of railway and aircraft interiors.
  • Satys Electric (formely CIEE Interconnect): wiring and cable assemblies for the medical, energy, rail and aerospace sectors.
  • Satys Surface Treatment (formely AST): surface treatment for aerospace components.

Why Satys? Customer satisfaction, one of the group’s key values.

A simple name that evokes customer satisfaction and embodies the group’s values:

  1. Partnering with our customers:  innovating to create tailor-made solutions
  2. Operational excellence:  our DNA
  3. People oriented:  develop industrial infrastructures to allow for good working conditions, respect for the environment and guarantee sustainability and diversity for employees

 Christophe Cador, Chief Executive Officer and the Group’s founder: “In addition to better clarity for our customers, Satys reflects the DNA of our group, its teams, its history: we all share the same objective of customer satisfaction for today and tomorrow. This can be found in our respect for on-time delivery and quality that we impose on ourselves as well as a constant pursuit of competitiveness for our products and services. These are the conditions for our development and the sustainability of our markets. I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to Satys’ teams who strive on a daily basis towards that end.

 Our development’s success: strong and controlled growth

Satys group completed the 2017 fiscal year, which ended September 30th, with a revenue of €172m an increase of 28% over 2016 and 19% at constant scope, with 2500 employees in 11 countries in Europe (Francs accounts for 60% of the employees), Middle East, China, South-East Asia and North America. The group’s headquarters are in Blagnac (Occitanie Region of France). Activity in 2018 will be superior to €200m at constant scope and profitability will make it possible to support future investment programs after those from the 2016-2018 period which amounted to €120m. At the end of the five year road map established in 2017, the group has set itself an objective to double its activity by 2025, through internal growth and acquisitions across the four business units, while remaining agile and always ready to reassess itself.


Satys Sealing & Painting is today one of the leading partners of Airbus and Boeing in a risk sharing program for painting new aircraft. Furthermore, Satys Sealing & Painting is already present in the aircraft repainting (MRO) market and will intensify its development, especially in the Middle-East, thanks to the opening of a new paint hangar able to accommodate the A380 at the Dubai South Al Maktoum airport in 2019. Satys Sealing & Painting will be able to paint more than 1000 aircraft by 2023. Based in Blagnac, the heart of the aircraft painting world capital, Satys Sealing & Painting has initiated innovation programs so that customers can improve their competiveness especially in aerostructures. This innovation is supported by Expiris, the group’s R&D lab in which the company holds 50% of shares.

Satys Interiors specialized in railway and aerospace interiors in specific markets, will boost its growth thanks to its presence in China and through external growth especially in the rail industry. 

Satys Electric, of which the design office and manufacturing are based in Thailand, will continue to provide support for its customers in the medical, energy, railway and aerospace sectors with two new sites planned for in Germany and the USA. This development will allow Satys Electric to see its activity doubled by 2025.

 Finally, Satys Surface Treatment, the group’s new activity, will undertake heavy investments. Like in the other business units, disruptive innovation, competitiveness, zero-pollution, working conditions and internalization will all drive new growth. New acquisitions are currently under consideration in this business unit.



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CIEE. New extension of its factory in Bangkok

CIEE inaugurates the extension of its factory in Bangkok.

A little more than three years ago, we started the expansion our Bangkok site (in 2013 we moved in). This was an important step in our ongoing continuous development of CIEE.

We can sum up our objectives for this project as the following:

  • Setting up a workshop dedicated to railway and aeronautical products with an annual turnover of €8 to 10 million.
  • Aiming to produce more complex products, with a dedicated technical team.
  • Increasing site capacity (m²) to handle growth from 2018 to 2020+.
  • Allowing for an increase in the maximum current turnover of €28 million to €34 million thanks to the recently installed capacities.
  • Maintaining a reserve capacity to capture new markets.

This €800K investment allows us to have a new air-conditioned production surface of 1400sqm. The technical added value will be an integral part of the teams’ work.

The architects plans are finished, the first stone was laid on March 10th. We will move in next November.

Aircraft interior design made by AIP in the Middle East

New partnership for the Middle East.

At the same time that the Dubai wide body hangar was being built, AIP began developing its aircraft interior design in the Middle East. Frédéric Seguy has been overseeing these two projects since his expatriation there last summer.

AIP recently joined forces with Greenline Interiors, a company that has been in Dubai for 40 years and specializes in the interior design of luxury hotels, palaces and some of the biggest yachts in the world. The new company is simply called AIP GREENLINE, Aviation Interiors and plans to start renovating aircraft interiors in order to subsequently ramp up manufacturing activities. Since March 1st 2017, Mark Chandler has been working with Frédéric Seguy as foreman. Mark brings with him over 30 years of experience in interior cabin design. Backed by AIP/AIT and Finaero, the team is currently concentrating on the redesign of the workshop located in the Greenline buildings, recruitment of a production team and the implementation of procedures to acquire local and European certifications (EASA PART145 + GCAA CAR145).

Please note that a new project will begin in April with Etihad Airways Engineering in Abu Dhabi, to support all work done in the A320 VIP cabins, work which is done with the help of AIT Toulouse. Let’s hope this is the first project of many more to come!

Paris Air Show: Emmanuel Macron visits Finaero’s stand

Paris Air Show: Emmanuel Macron visits Finaero’s stand.

This morning the Paris Air Show opened its doors. During one week actors of the aviation industry worldwide will meet and discover technological innovations, conclude new agreements as well as meet new prospects.

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, inaugurated the show this Monday in presence of a delegation of members of the GIFAS, the French Aerospace Industries Association, including Christophe Cador.

After his arrival in an A400M, the delegation greeted the President at the GIFAS Chalet to watch some flight demonstrations. The President then went to the Airbus Chalet where Christophe Cador had the occasion to present him our group and accompany him while visiting our stand as well the plane, where STTS has a booth demonstrating the group’s painting expertise. The President met Caroline Calmettes and Fabien Bordée, painters, David Soulage, technical manager as well as Matthieu Breton, Head of the Paris business unit of STTS.

The visit of the President at our stand is an important sign of recognition of the knowhow of each and everyone of you. I was honored to present it to him in all of our names.” Christophe Cador President and CEO of Finaero.

Managing directors with the EASA part 21J certification

Finaero obtains its EASA Part 21J for its interiors division, AIP.

Finaero pursues its development and announces at the Paris Air Show the attribution for its interiors branch, AIP, of EASA’s PART 21J certification.

The interiors branch AIP will now be able to certify its own designs through its recent PART 21J (EASA.21J.561) certification, in addition to its already existing PART 21G (FR.21G.0065) and PART 145 (FR.145.546).

This qualification will enable Finaero to offer its customers an even broader array of interior design services supported by its Roissy Charles de Gaulle design, certification and product office.

We are proud of this accomplishment which rewards our team’s efforts, organization and know-how”, stated Jon Oruezabala, Managing Director of AIP. This new step is in line with Finaero’s already important development plan to diversify its service offering for its customers. Successful milestones these past months for the group also included:

  • Painting & Sealing division, STTS, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of its services, has organized its offering into five worldwide divisions. Three new paint hangars (60m€ investment) are now up and running in Toulouse. The company has equally launched operations in the US, in Portland, Washington State, as well as the construction of a new A380 & VIP paint hangar at the new Dubai South airport.
  • Interiors division, AIP, also recently announced the acquisition of SMTC, the French train interiors specialist, to further extend the group’s aviation interior’s service-offering to the railway sector as well as significantly reinforcing the branch’s production capacities to better serve the aircraft interiors market.
  • Electric division, CIEE, has shown very good progress over the first six months of the 2017 exercise. CIEE is to extend its factory in Thailand which manufactures cables and wire assemblies. The branch is also due to set up operations in the US.

Delivering diversity & quality on-time to our customers remains our number one priority. In order to do so our group has started undergoing a global transformation project underlined by the slogan: 1 group, 1 vision, 1 partner” said Christophe Cador.

Satys pursues its development in cabin interiors and acquires SMTC

Finaero pursues its development in cabin interiors and acquires SMTC, a leading original equipment manufacturer of train interiors.

Finaero acquired SMTC, the French train interiors specialist, on May 11th. The objective is to maximize synergies between SMTC and Finaero both in terms of accompanying developments in the rail industry worldwide as well as on know-how and expertise in the aviation industry. SMTC benefited from a 23m€ turnover in 2016 and counts 150 employees on its site in Boufféré (Vendée, France).

SMTC will as a result join AIP, the interiors branch of Finaero, specialized in the aviation industry and dedicated to manufacturing tailor-made and small series aircraft interiors. This new acquisition will further extend the group’s service-offering as well as significantly reinforce the branch’s production capacities to better serve the aircraft interiors market.

Furthermore, the other “business lines” of Finaero group undertook major projects over the past year:

  • STTS (painting and sealing for the aircraft and rail industries), in order to improve the quality and efficiency of its services, has organized its offering into five worldwide divisions. Three new paint hangars (60m€ investment) are now up and running in Toulouse. The company has equally launched operations in the US, in Portland, which are equally very successful. Finally, STTS launched the construction of a new A380 & VIP paint hangar at the new Dubai South airport.
  • CIEE (electrical systems) has shown very good progress over the first six months of the 2017 exercise. CIEE is to extend its factory in Thailand which manufactures cables and wire assemblies. The branch is also due to set up operations in the US.

Our main objective remains the same, to deliver quality programs on-time” Christophe Cador, President.