Dubai Airshow 2023

Our teams were present at the Dubai Airshow 2023.

We were very pleased to see the progress of construction work on our new paint shop in Dubai South.

Opening of a new facility dedicated to satellite painting

We are very proud to announce the opening of a new facility dedicated to satellite painting. It was recently inaugurated in the presence of Airbus Defense and Space and CNES executives.🛰

This site will be responsible for painting the deployable radiators for the OneSat program of Airbus Defense and Space, whose communications satellites will be commissioned from geostationary orbit.💫

We worked closely with Airbus Defense and Space for two years to design and build this new production tool.🤝
The painting of deployable satellite radiators is subject to particularly demanding specifications. The coatings used have thermo-optical properties linked to infrared emissivity. They must facilitate the absorption of sunlight and the dispersion of heat.

We have learned a lot from this new space applications market, through the high-quality standards it demands.

We would like to thank all the Satys and Airbus Defense and Space teams involved in the project for this success. 🎊

Aero Forum La Tribune Trophies

Congratulations 👏 to Jérôme Davezat who was awarded the R&D Trophy this morning!

Jérôme Davezat has been working at Satys since 2002. He is Continuous Improvement Coordinator and won this trophy against three other very talented candidates.

Congratulations 👏 to Jérôme Oustric who was rewarded by the Jury's Favorite Trophy (special prize).

Jérôme Oustric arrived at Satys almost 20 years ago as an operator. He is managing the sealing operations and is the head of painting training in Toulouse.

We also congratulate Jean Pierre Trepin, nominated in the Mechanical Systems category, who did not win the trophy this time, but who is still an exemplary talent!

A big thank you 🙏 to all three for your daily commitment and involvement at Satys.