New contrat for Satys Electric with Siemens Mobility

Airval Airport Shuttle - Siemens Mobility

Siemens Mobility has renewed its trust in Satys Electric to manufacture the electrical cabling system for the Val automatic shuttle at Frankfurt airport.

Satys will equip the 12 fully automatic trainsets for two cars. Satys Electric and Siemens Mobility teams in Toulouse will jointly undertake the project. Manufacturing will begin in January 2021 to ensure the first deliveries and the VAL in Frankfurt is scheduled to enter into service in 2023.

The Airval airport shuttle (driverless) produced by Siemens will link Terminal 2 to the new Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 at Frankfurt airport.

The Siemens VAL is the world's first fully automatic, driverless, rubber-tired metro in the world. It is being developed in Toulouse at the headquarters of Siemens Mobility.

The VAL has already transported more than 5 billion passengers worldwide and equips 12 automatic metro lines.

The cabling systems, manufactured by Satys Electric, will ensure the interconnection between the various on-board equipment, the train's power supply and the digital real-time massage information system. These systems are an essential link in the performance of the connected and digital VAL metro.

This is the second cooperation between Siemens Mobility and Satys Electric after the successful collaboration on the project to double the capacity of the metro line A in Toulouse.